Low Carb Veggies

A low carb vegan? Those words seem almost a little…. counter intuitive. But as a former high carb vegan, all I can for sure, it that low carb works better… for me.

Not for everyone for sure. We’ve all heard the stories of those who’ve cured cancer and reversed heart disease with a high carb, low fat, whole foods plant based diet. Its the optimal diet for many different types of people.

For me personally, Ive battled carb addiction my whole life. I just cant have one cookie, or one peice of cake. Or one peice of cheese. Or chips…. Its the whole thing or nothing, and then you still end up hungy after.

Food addiction is real and its a constant struggle.

With low carb, your blood sugar stays alot more balanced and eventually you lose your appetite almost completely! For someone like me its a miracle.

Here are some references for low carb and low carb veganism.

NOTE: There is A LOT more information out there on keto vegetarianism, but Im not going to incldue those here as they are heavily based on eggs and dairy and so might as well be omni keto.

A lot of times you’ll find good stuff on paleo sites (real paleo that is, so no dairy.) 

For 100% Vegan Keto info and recipes there’s Martine at 


Go check her out!

For more Low Carb basics check out the following:

– Healthful Pursuit’s How to be a low-carb Vegan

– Low Carb Vegan’s Report on Vegan low carb diets: what the experts say

– The Diet Doctor (omni – but good info) at dietdoctor.com/low-carb