Being Vegan can be a challenge at the best of times, so following the vegan ketogenic diet can someimes seem a little overwhelming. Especially since the majority of the informaiton on the Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Diet revolves around meat and dairy. And then most of the information on a vegan diet revolves around the High Carb Low Fat Version. (Which, but the way, I am a HUGE fan of. Don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t work for everyone. So, if you’ve been struggling as a HCLF vegan, give the low carb vegan ketogenic diet a try!) 

Hopefully the following information can help you out on your journey!

IThe following is a list of references that I personally have found helpful. Hopefully they help you out too in your vegan ketogenic diet adventures! Go check them out!

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UPDATE: There has been an explosion of interest in the last few months on the vegan keto diet. Two of my fellow instragramers have started their own blogs so I highly recommend you check them out!

Meg @ 

Madi @ 

There’s not many exclusively low carb vegan diet sites but there is Martine at [photo credit to Martine!] Maria at makes quite a few vegan recipes but she is vegetarian.

I also like Martina’s Keto Diet Blog at There’s lots of great keto info as well as the iPhone recipe app!!

Liz MacDowell- &

Holistic Nutritionist

Liz has two great vegetarian keto sites with lots of great keto faqs and vegan recipes to help you on your vegan ketogenic diet journey. Her instagram is one of my favourites too and she has a podcast as well!

Her new eBook is an amzing reference for new Keto Vegans: Meat Free Keto: How to thrive on a vegan ketogenic or low carb diet

Instagram –

Facebook –

Leanne Vogel

Holistic Nutritionist

“I want to live in a world where every woman loves her body, nourishing fats are enjoyed at every meal, and the word “restriction” isn’t in the dictionary.”

Leanne has created one of the best women friendly ketogenic diet sites I’ve found. As a holistic nutritionist she breaks down all the facts about keto, how it works and what to expect when you go keto.

While she is omni keto, she a former vegan and also dairy free. She makes an effort to make alot of great vegan friendly recipes.

The first place I would recommend you check out is her YouTube to get the basics of keto down. She also has a podcast which is great to listen to on the go!

YouTube –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Below are her two main online programs which I highly recommend!! They are omni but contain lots of great info. 

The Keto Beginning eBook:

How to use fats as fuel instead of carbs!

A beginner’s guide + 30-day meal plan.

Fat Fueled eBook:

The most comprehensive program, showing you how to use fats to heal your body – anxiety, hormones, depression, candida, infertility and more.



Vegan Fitness TV has a lot of great low carb stuff, but they’re not really high fat. Still lots of good info!

@veganforareason is a new vegan ketogenic diet maven and is making some great content on her YouTube and Instagram.

For some hard core science based vegan keto videos check out Ivan @ivanb. Ivan is a professional body builder, trainer and all around athlete.


I have so many favourites on Insta, its definitely where there’s the most vegan ketogenic diet action.

Check me out @plantpoweredketo and all the amazing peeps I follow.

I highly recommend serching the following hashtags –






There are a bunch of vegan ketogenic diet groups on Facebook that are quite active and they’re a great place to ask questions and meet other keto vegans. My Top 3 are:

1. Vegan Keto: The biggest at 2500 people and growing. Im a Moderator here so come say hi!

2. Low Carb Keto Vegan Lifestyle: My personal group. If you want one on one with me, find me here!

3. Vegan Keto Made Simple: Vegan Keto Madi’s personal group

Also:  Vegan Ketogenic, Vegan Keto Recipes, Raw Vegan Ketogenic, Low Carb & Vegan

and more! 


/r/Keto: They have a bunch of great reference stuff like their Frequently Asked Questions, however its not very vegan friendly….

/r/vegetarianketo and /r/veganketo are not as popular but they are other good sources of information and a great place to ask questions.

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