Renee Samson

Hi! Im Renee Louise

and welcome to my 

Vegan Keto adventure!

So how exactly did I end up here?

Vegan AND Keto??

Plant Powered

My story starts off pretty typically. I grew up a complete carnivore, with mandatory cheese addiction. Combining my horrendous diet of nachos and beer (as well as my history of eating disorders), I shouldn’t have been surprised when I started getting sick. It seems I had developed a chronic case of GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease). AKA really, really, really bad indigestion. Like, in chronic pain… all the time.

Renee Samson

At my omni heaviest – almost 200lbs

It was so bad I couldn’t sleep lying down and was having to sleep sitting on the couch. One night I woke up suddenly in so much pain I thought I was having a heart attack. At 25……

My doctor prescribed me acid blockers and proceeded to tell me I would have to take them for the every day for the rest of my life……


HELL NO!!!!!!!

So seeking another answer I went to the naturopath who told me to cut out the meat and dairy (and lay off the booze so much) as well as prescribing me probiotics and digestive enzymes at every meal.

And I got better.

Completely better.

After the conventional doctor had convinced me that I would have to take these drugs for the rest of my life.

After that I started doing my own research into health and wellness. Which lead me to the book ‘The China Study’ by T Colin Campbell.

And after that, WELL, there’s really no going back.

Renee Samson

High Carb Vegan – 150lbs only mainining by going to the gym 5 days a week…

Renee Samson

Healthy Cooking Coach! (Yes, Im blonde! :D)

The Whole Foods Life

Seeking more meaning and purpose in my life, and after many years of working in conventional kitchens, I landed a job working at my second home, Whole Foods Market.

After working there for a couple of years I landed my dream job, Healthy Cooking Coach.

I was now in charge of running the Healthy Eating Department at my store which meant hosting classes and seminars, running healthy eating challenges, working community outreach and teaching in schools as well as doing healthy cooking demos in store. It really was a dream.

I would leave to go travelling in Australia but its something that I’ve always wanted to get back to.

Keto – what now?

After many years of living and teaching the Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle, I would still be fighting my demons (those same damn 20 – 40 pounds) Id been fighting my whole life. I would get super fit and then mess it all up over and over again. I had absolutely no control over my eating.

As a teenager I had done Atkins on a couple of different occasions, with much success. But its definitely not sustainable over the long term so I would break and put all the weight back on, and then some. And then some more….

So I knew the basic science already and then one day on YouTube I was googling Vegan Keto and I found Leanne at and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. (Thanks Leanne!)

On WFPB I had always struggled keeping my fats under control (I mean hello avocados?!!?!) so the idea that I could do keto whilst still vegan seemed like a dream!

So after Christmas was all done……

I committed to Keto starting January 1st, 2017.

And then….

I lost 20 pounds in two months without exercise.

And it came off effortlessly….

Renee Samson

Cooking is my passion

The Herbivore Post

Now I want to give this gift back.

So many people struggle with carb addiction…. and Vegan Keto might just be the answer.

Get your eating under control

Regain your health

And still save the animals

(not to mention the planet)

Its the dream.

Im building this site as a resource. A place to collect and share Keto Vegan information and hopefully help as many people find peace as I can. Please forward any links to [email protected] and I will add them! THANKS!!!

Welcome to the Low Carb Keto Vegan Lifestyle!

Renee 🙂

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